Friday, July 3, 2009

This week found me super, super frazzled and busy. I have been trying to keep Zoe occupied with lessons and reading, and that has taken up a lot of time. I am finding so many future projects that I want to do with her, and I am looking forward to getting this show on the road.

On Monday, we basically relaxed and recovered from having my stepson visit for a week. I love that boy. You get the two kids together, though, and it is an endless stream of Zoe whining that Zech is annoying her, and Zech complaining that Zoe is annoying him. It is enough to drive me up a wall!

On Tuesday, Zoe attended a birthday party at a skating rink. The party was for a little girl that she had been in first and second grade in the same class with. Zoe had fun, and got to reconnect with her school friends, so that was nice.

Wednesday was pretty uneventful, nothing exciting going on. I managed to save time by putting some chicken breasts in the crock pot with salsa to make chicken tacos later.

On Thursday, Zoe's uncle took her to the library to meet friends for a play date, but the other people did not show. I did make up a list of books for Zoe to check out. That list corresponded to books on the Book Adventure list. Once she reads these books, she can take quizzes on what she learned, and earn prizes.

Today, we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off cleaning in preparation for Zech's weekend visit. We had planned on spending the Fourth of July holiday together, but after I called him to inquire what time he would be arriving, he informed me he wasn't coming. He didn't have a good reason, just felt like hanging out with his friends instead.


So, now I am giving up on the house cleaning, for now, and leaning towards a nap. Zoe is going to a local college baseball game with her grandparents, and I will get a couple of hours of "me" time.

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  1. Sounds like well deserved "me" time. The cleaning can always wait. We use the Book Adventure, too! My kids have enjoyed it and even earned a couple cool prizes through it.

  2. Sounds like a good week.
    Have a great fourth!

  3. I can so relate to squabbling kids. Sometimes they *all* act like two year olds...and, around here, their mom does on occasion, too. lol

    Have a great July 4th weekend!

  4. Ouch, I remember being seventeen. When I was 15 I practically ruined a family vacation pouting because I was away from my (now husband) boyfriend. If my kids pull that there will be dire consequences :)

  5. I can relate to the squabbling too.. I sure hope your 4th turned out good anyway.