Monday, July 6, 2009

Our laid back weekend

Nothing too grand happened around here on the fourth. We barbecued with my family and walked up to a church down the street to watch a fireworks show.
Zoe decided to show us her talents with sidewalk chalk...
She drew fireworks and wrote a little Fourth of July greeting.
So cute!
After we watched the fireworks, we came home and Zoe worked on her new hobby...

Grandma bought her the first "hard" puzzle. We wanted to encourage her, so we took her to Toys r Us, and bought her two more, these ones were even more difficult.

This week will hopefully find us relaxing a little. I do have to reorganize her room, and start collecting unwanted items for a yard sale. I want to get everything done before August, because I know then it will be a mad dash to get everything for homeschooling ready.

What are you all doing this week?

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